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ADM Modular Brace System Videos

How to fit and assemble a Dobbs ADM Modular Boots and Bar Clubfoot Brace.

How to fit and ADM: Demonstration by Stella.
Ambulatory ADM Videos

Ambulaory ADM on small boy. The ADM is used in addition to conventional night bracing to promote improved gait development

Ambulatory ADM 8 helps 8 year old Diplegic boy improve balance, mobility and endurance

Ambulatory ADM helps boy affected by partial paralysis to address tripping general mobility resulting from drop foot
Technical Videos (biomechanical analysis)

Animated biomechanical analysis: How does the traditional Boots and Bar Clubfoot brace work?

Supporting document

Animated biomechanical analysis: Comparison between the ADM and traditional Boots and Bar Clubfoot Braces

Supporting document
Parents Guide to Clubfoot

The original BMA awarding wining video (2006) made by C-Pro in collaboration with STEPS charity and Manchester Childrens Hospital
The Ponseti Method

Treatment of Congenital Clubfoot by Dr Ponseti

Treatment of Complex Clubfoot by Dr Ponseti

Dr Ponseti's patient in 1956. 40 year follow up