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ADM Bar End Clip, for use with the ADM Bar Kit - US

Single Clip

A single clip only for use with the ADM External Rotation Bar.  

Small clips are for sandal sizes 0000 - 5 and a small bar kit.

Large clips are for sandal sizes 6 - 12 and a large bar kit.

Clips come in 30', 45' and 60' degree angles. Select 60 degree clips for bilateral clubfoot and 30 degree clips for the unaffected side in unilateral cases. Use 45 degree clips for atypical clubfoot and or where 60 degrees external rotation is not tolerated.

Lifetime guarantee for single patient.

Please refer to ADM Modular System Overview for more details.


*key terms and conditions


  • The first purchase of the C-Pro Boots and Bar System is FREE to all customers switching from an alternative bracing brand or method. One free purchase per customer.

  • If switching from another brace system old brace must be made available for C-Pro Direct to collect, or be sent to C-Pro Direct to be used to help another child in need of charitable support.

  • Offer subject to change or withdrawal without notice

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